Letterpress printing is a true craft

A process that dates back to the fifteenth century, letterpress printing is a true craft. It involves manually pressing ink into quality cotton paper to produce the finished stationery product, one piece at a time. The process leaves a beautiful, tactile impression in the paper itself.

Tumbleweed Press is home to 9 vintage printing presses. Two small desktop presses that are wonderful examples of a bygone era. The larger presses include two Chandler and Price, an Arab Press, an English Vicobold, a Golding Press and two Heidelberg T Platen Presses.


Cotton papers

I print on tree-free 100% cotton papers that have a soft, luxury touch, elegant texture and give a deep impression when letterpressed. The paper is a thick 300gsm weight and available in white and ivory colours. The cotton papers I use have been specially made for letterpress printing and are therefore heavy while still being soft enough to give the impression that makes letterpress so special. Most of these papers use recovered cotton from textile industry waste. Cotton fibres are naturally whiter so require little bleaching, they are a renewable resource and recyclable. Other papers can be heavily compressed, so do not give as desirable a result with letterpress printing.